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Grace's Field Bees

 My Father was an Air Traffic Controller  with the FAA.
 He read me books about meteorology and stars and the planets when I was a kid and gave me a love of the heavens and clouds, lightning and the vast unknowns of space.
I grew up visiting him at the radar room and the control tower from a very early age.
At the urging of my Dad, I even took the ATC test in my early twenties and passed.
But I am not someone who could do that for a living as my Father did.
 I wanted to be a fighter pilot, but my myopic vision and difficulty with math steered me otherwise
Watching  the comings and goings of my bees in and out of the 1/ inch opening on the hives,
 I can't help but think of my Father trying to  help navigate heavy air traffic.
I have always marvelled at the flight paths of my bees to and from the hives as they stay out of each other's way and  quarrel only with intruders that the guard bees keep out of the hives..
To take this video of Grace's Field bees  coming and going like Jets at Moisant Air Field,
I  placed myself under the hive with my android phone and trying to steady my hand as much as possible as the clouds rolled by.
Bees, much like pilots who fly planes, do not like inclement weather and prefer to fly on a sunny day.
I will try to take another video when the weather permits once Winter's grey skies have left us.