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American Bee Federation Baton Rouge

I attended the Expo and met some wonderful people from all over the world.  Here are a few photos  of my experience.  Nicest was the free shipping offers from various suppliers for ordering  at the event. Greatest joy was seeing old friends and mentors  such as Dave Ferguson and Robert Taylor from the Louisiana Beekeepers Club  and also meeting some of my beekeeping heros  like Marla Spivak and Tammy Horn.   Suppliers to the industry had some styling new Bee Suit wear and lovely hives.. and lots of beetle traps and mite killers.  Of course there Beekeeping Queens  and a Bee Quilt Raffle, as well as Honey and a honey auction. The most interesting new thing there for me? Hive tracks check 'em out!
The "Bee-stie!"  Harley- Sweet Ride!
Bee Suit Styling

"Glory Bee"

"Glory Bee"

Honey Spinners

Our Bees in Winter

One of our Italian Honeybees
on the thawing bee waterer
One of our Italian Honeybees
drinking from the thawed bee waterer
Two of our Russian Honeybees gathering pollen
on our Toki-No-Hagasane Camellia
Forgive me for not posting for awhile. We've been extremely busy. The Bees of course have been also. People often ask me how my bees are. Aren't they cold now?  Well, as the above photos show, they are  out and about on the Sunny cool days and even after 13'F nights.. they find the bee waterer that we set up and wait in the Sun for the ice to thaw and drink it in. Tough little ladies aren't they? 
I attended the ABF  and the LBC conventions and events and will post photos  shortly.  Bee ordered for this year from the club will arrive in April. Check back soon!