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September Update

A hive check this weekend revealed that  Faith's hive is not doing as bad as I thought. She is  holding her own.  Honey stores are  alright- but not overwhelming. I will not take any of her winter storage.
Stella Rose is  doing alright as well- but not as well as I thought.. so I took the extra super off the top.
They both are Russian Queens and new to the yard this year  so I am expecting less of honey product from both of them.

Both Love and Grace have very active hives, with  a little  more honey stores as they are Both Italian Queens, but they too are not superfluous  as they are also both new to the yard this year- I made a split from Love's hive to create Grace this Spring- but  I allowed them to build their own comb, and used no wax foundations on their frames. Those little ladies built them all parallel towards the SE, not the south so they are all at an angle to their frames. ( Ha!)  So  I will probably leave them for winter stores as well.

A final note-since I have used the Baker's Joy Cooking spray on the telescopic covers on these hives, I have not seen any hive beetles. Perhaps this is a coincidence, but perhaps not. In any event I will continue my light applications to deter any critters who might like to lurk in those spaces. ; )
I will post a few photos soon.