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A Gift of Knowledge About Bees Through History

"The bee is not a domestic animal, yet our relationship with this creature is one of the longest-standing between humanity and any other species."

A dear colleague recently returned from travels abroad and brought me this little book about bees.
 It is called Bee  and was written by Claire Preston and it is marvelous! I cannot put it down.
I highly recommend that you go out and get a copy asap!

Update on Love and Grace's Hives

A little note about the work of Grace and Love's daughters. 

This Spring they brought in nectar from Louisiana sweet orange blossoms, navel orange blossoms, Blackberry blossoms, wild cherry laurel blossoms, gardenias, wisteria, azalea, and passionflower blossoms, magnolias, magnolia figo, and blueberry blossoms, and of course  a few wild violets and roses and handsome harry blooms, crepe myrtles, tallow tree, pear, peach, quince and plum, rudebekia 
( black eyed susans) and  sweet white clover- and that is just what we know about from our yard! 
Who knows once they gather once they leave the hill? 
working on a frame of honey
hive smoker