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Hive Checks

I was interested to see what our bees have been doing. 
It has been a busy year, and I had not checked the hives very often. 
I let the bees build their own comb this year to see what they would do. 
 The hives facing the Southeast  on the hill built out straight comb; 
but filled the north side ( high side of the hill that they are on) 
with honey first, then the south sides.. ( see below)
 The hives facing east, italian bees, facing  and sloping to the south,
 built their comb in a more organic way, on an angle in the hive facing southeast. 
Go figure.  
Smoking Faith's Hive
Faith's Bees building comb
Gracie's Bees Building comb
Gracie's Landing Board

Stella Rose's frames-
Honey on the north side, not on the south side of the frame. 

Love's Landing Board
Love's Hive
Top View of Love's Hive
Honeybees building comb

I also helped a young man and his sister get their first Queen and colony and  
we took a little of the honey out of one of his frames to share with his family.
 Now his Dad wants to know more about keeping bees too! 
I can't wait to help him get his first hive going.