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Exciting News about the Photos of my Bees and Honey from A Day in the World !

The  Digital Photographs that I submitted and that were accepted as part of the A Day in the World  on May15th  2012 have been placed into a specially designed
Time Capsule and placed  in the Falun Copper Mine 
at the World Heritage Site in Falun Sweden.  
(I could be wrong, but to my knowledge,
I am the only person who photographed beekeeping activities  in Louisiana that day.)   

 To find out more see the links below
The Copper Mine

 The First 100 Photos Selected
 Yes- my hive photo is there representing the bees of Southeast Louisiana!
 Profile page
My photos are listed on the site under "Connections" and "Care" 
sections of the Main page site at 

 Below is a video of  the lowering of the time capsule

All images from “A Day in the World” stored in Falun Copper Mine

Posted on Mar 28th 2013
A time capsule containing the results of the biggest photographic documentation project ever attempted in a single day was sealed inside the Falu Copper Mine on March 22, 2013. The capsule is now being stored in an 18th-century mine tunnel, accessible for visitors to the over 1300-year-old mine, part of the Falun World Heritage Site.
The contents of the time capsule consist of the “A Day in the World” book in English, a computer with all submitted photos as well as photographic prints of a selection of the submitted pictures. All photographs were taken on 15 May 2012 and depict the everyday life of people across the world.
Photo: Erik G Svensson
. The book, prints and a HP Elitebook Laptop with all 100.000 photos from May 15, 2012 are placed inside the inner box. The battery is removed and only the power cord is included.
The capsule has a hexagonal external shell. Inside is a storage box with a sealed section where the objects are placed. The design of the capsule references the timeless lines of Swedish mining machinery. The supportive pillars in the design provide symbolic strength to the housing and protection of the contents. The storage box itself is made from a special alloy, known as the world’s most stainless steel, Outokumpu 654 SMO.
The time capsule was welded shut and a valve emptied the container of oxygen and moisture. Finally, it was filled with argon gas for a reaction-free environment that will preserve its content, explains industrial designer Christian Runius, the design author.
Photo: Erik G Svensson. The inner box was sealed by the welding team in Avesta.

The capsule was transported to Falun Copper Mine and placed deep down in a tunnel, accessible for all visitors to the mine

Do you remember the photos that I took of  the hives and gathered honey as part of the A Day photo Project?  If not here is the link.. to the May 15th images  that I took and submitted

The four hives- Love, Hope, Faith and Grace
Jars of freshly gathered honey to share with family & friends
Honeybees at Faith's entrance
My smoker
Love's Landing board
Honeybees on fresh wax
Honeybees on honey in the making
Freshly gathered Honey on comb 
A spoonful of golden goodness!
The hives at night
and here is the image that was featured on the Washington Post Website
Honeybees at Faith's entrance

I think that my Swedish  and beekeeping ancestors might be smiling.