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Our Honeybees on our Citrus Trees

Our Honeybees Pollinating The Louisiana Sweet Citrus Tree Blossoms

 The Blooms are just starting to open up.
A little more rain and the Navel  Orange trees should begin as well.

Our Honeybees on Our Azaleas

 Working the Blooms
Gathering Azalea Nectar

New Bees Arriving in April

The Nucs that we ordered from our bee club are scheduled to arrive in April. Meanwhile..It is swam seasons and there are swarms happening all over SELA.. If you see one ..let us know!! contact  our bee club  There is nothing quite so wonderful as catching a live wild or tame swarm to add to your apiary!!!

Honey Bee in Space?

Today I emailed Dr.Tony to find out how I can send one of my honeybees up into space for Earth day..stay tuned
For more info