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First Hive Check of The New Year

Yesterday, I finally had some time 
and the weather cleared so that I could 
check on my hives, Love and Grace. 

 They both had some honey, which tasted bitter, 
and they both had brood in their combs.
 not much , but enough.
 I found a few  hives beetles on the outside, 
but not much evidence on the inside..
 I did find some remnants of the  "Count of Minty- Crisco" sweet grease pattis that I had placed last year as mite repellants.  the exterior of the hive at the top of the telescoping covers were also still lubricated from where I sprayed last year to keep the beetles away.
 So I did not loose these to the winter, which is  a great relief.
They are greatly reduced in numbers, 
and so I took out some of the burr comb and  
cleaned up the propolis and left them with  a tiny powdered sugar bath
The newly rescued cat,  was on hand to help.
That is a bee on the bridge of his nose in between his eyes.