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Activity in Love and Grace's Hive this Winter

Both Love and Grace's Hives have been very quiet this Winter
with the exception of seeing bees foraging on the camellias.
After much cold and freezing weather, a warming trend
brought out the bees, they circled in front of the hives
 I assume in cleaning flights,
while a very few foraged onward.

Hive activity- with  cleansing flights after many days of cold weather,
a warming trend and rain in the forecast, the hive is very active  as the sun rises

Camellia Japonica " Seafoam"  blooms now

More Bees on Blooms in the New Year

Two Honeybees foraging on Toki-No-Hagasane
Tea Tree Camellia Sinensis Budding
The Bloom opens on Tea Tree Camellia Sinensis

Bee College in Grenada this January