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How the US Government Shutdown affects the LA HoneyBees and Beekeepers

17th Annual Field Day at the Baton Rouge Honey Bee Lab is Cancelled

We regret to inform all attendees that the 17th Annual Beekeepers Field Day at the USDA Honey Bee Lab in Baton Rouge has been cancelled due to the government shut down! Everyone who has paid either by US mail or through this web site will receive a full refund. Again, we are sorry for this inconvenience.

If you need to speak with someone, please call Joe Sanroma 318-346-2805, Robert Taylor 985-969-4647, or David Ferguson 225-726-1664.

The LBA Honeybee Convention will be held December 6 – 7 at the Clarion Inn and Suites in Covington, LA



The sound of the Sun Ringing to Wake the Bees

The Sun rings like a bell..
Wanna hear it??
 Imagine that.. no wonder  the bees wake up when the sun rises..
 even in the darkest of days..
 It is my theory that the bees are actually aware of this more than we think.
 That they also respond and evolved to respond to sounds accordingly.
 The Queen Pipes in the key of A or G when she is born.
 Early drone instruments also  were in these keys.. see earlier post..

What do you think?


September Update

A hive check this weekend revealed that  Faith's hive is not doing as bad as I thought. She is  holding her own.  Honey stores are  alright- but not overwhelming. I will not take any of her winter storage.
Stella Rose is  doing alright as well- but not as well as I thought.. so I took the extra super off the top.
They both are Russian Queens and new to the yard this year  so I am expecting less of honey product from both of them.

Both Love and Grace have very active hives, with  a little  more honey stores as they are Both Italian Queens, but they too are not superfluous  as they are also both new to the yard this year- I made a split from Love's hive to create Grace this Spring- but  I allowed them to build their own comb, and used no wax foundations on their frames. Those little ladies built them all parallel towards the SE, not the south so they are all at an angle to their frames. ( Ha!)  So  I will probably leave them for winter stores as well.

A final note-since I have used the Baker's Joy Cooking spray on the telescopic covers on these hives, I have not seen any hive beetles. Perhaps this is a coincidence, but perhaps not. In any event I will continue my light applications to deter any critters who might like to lurk in those spaces. ; )
I will post a few photos soon.



Do You Live in a " Bee- Friendly Zone" ?

Is your home and yard pesticide free and Bee- Friendly??
Do you have lots of  flowering plants trees and grasses that the bees can feed upon?
Do you have  a garden designed to bloom year round to support the pollinators??
If so- enter your data on the Bee Friendly map!
Spread the word and  help to make the
earth friendly to pollinators again.
 Brought to you by
Friends of the Bees


A Gift of Knowledge About Bees Through History

"The bee is not a domestic animal, yet our relationship with this creature is one of the longest-standing between humanity and any other species."

A dear colleague recently returned from travels abroad and brought me this little book about bees.
 It is called Bee  and was written by Claire Preston and it is marvelous! I cannot put it down.
I highly recommend that you go out and get a copy asap!

Update on Love and Grace's Hives

A little note about the work of Grace and Love's daughters. 

This Spring they brought in nectar from Louisiana sweet orange blossoms, navel orange blossoms, Blackberry blossoms, wild cherry laurel blossoms, gardenias, wisteria, azalea, and passionflower blossoms, magnolias, magnolia figo, and blueberry blossoms, and of course  a few wild violets and roses and handsome harry blooms, crepe myrtles, tallow tree, pear, peach, quince and plum, rudebekia 
( black eyed susans) and  sweet white clover- and that is just what we know about from our yard! 
Who knows once they gather once they leave the hill? 
working on a frame of honey
hive smoker


Farm to Table International Symposium will be in New Orleans

Farm to Table International Symposium
will be in New Orleans
and others have partnered to bring this very special event to New Orleans.
Take a look!
Hope to see you there!


Hive Checks

I was interested to see what our bees have been doing. 
It has been a busy year, and I had not checked the hives very often. 
I let the bees build their own comb this year to see what they would do. 
 The hives facing the Southeast  on the hill built out straight comb; 
but filled the north side ( high side of the hill that they are on) 
with honey first, then the south sides.. ( see below)
 The hives facing east, italian bees, facing  and sloping to the south,
 built their comb in a more organic way, on an angle in the hive facing southeast. 
Go figure.  
Smoking Faith's Hive
Faith's Bees building comb
Gracie's Bees Building comb
Gracie's Landing Board

Stella Rose's frames-
Honey on the north side, not on the south side of the frame. 

Love's Landing Board
Love's Hive
Top View of Love's Hive
Honeybees building comb

I also helped a young man and his sister get their first Queen and colony and  
we took a little of the honey out of one of his frames to share with his family.
 Now his Dad wants to know more about keeping bees too! 
I can't wait to help him get his first hive going. 



Along with the bees, and our  mint and tarragon , I cook  often to incude what we have outside.
We lost 77 trees to Katrina and so we  started replanting Citrus.   The bees have made the citrus tree so much more productive!!
H ere is one of my favorite Honey / Citrus recipes
- quick and easy- low salt , and the oranges come from right outside of our door!

 Serves two very hungry people.
 Instructions and ingredients are general to leave room for your creativity. 
It is best to make the  Drunken Pecan Relish a day ahead of time. See below:


One nice duck
One fresh pineapple, cored, peeled and sliced into chunks.
2-3 Large  Oranges ( we use our own Louisiana Sweet or Navels) , cut into 1/2s
2 sweet onions ( we like Vidalia,  but sweet yellow is fine. )
peel and cut into slices.. ( my husband likes to dice them , but I like to slice them  thin)
2  bulbs of  garlic sliced thin. 
Fresh ground cayenne pepper.
4 medium sized Sweet potatoes  peeled and cut into quarters. ( lengthwise)
1/2 cup to 1 cup of delicious raw honey ( dark raw buckwheat honey if possible , but and rawhoney is fine)
Handful of fresh chocolate mint to garnish for serving

Wash Duck and place into a very large coated or non stick pan- large enough to accommodate all the ingredients 
Place duck in center and stuff cavity with  half of garlic and onions and close with half orange with peel facing outward.
Place remaining onions and garlic  on bottom of pan surrounding duck
Place sweet potatoes  on top  of onions around duck. 
Peel remaining citrus and add  to pineapples , fill areas around sweet potatoes in  pan surrounding duck.
Coat duck entirely with honey let sit 5 minutes, recoat with honey again.
Sprinkle duck generously with cayenne pepper. 
 Bake at 325-50'F  until  leg bones come free,  45 min.. to an hour depending on size of the duck


1 cup of finely chopped pecans ( make sure pecans are well cleaned  of any shell)
1/2 cup of finely chopped golden raisins 
3 Tbs of finely of finely chopped chocolate mint ( regular mint will work just fine if chocolate is not available) 
1/2 cup or less of raw  honey ( lighter honey is best, but any raw honey is just fine) 

Finely chop  pecans and golden raisins
Add to glass bowl and mix
Add  Bourbon to cover and let sit overnight ( we use Maker's Mark )
Before serving, strain bourbon and add honey and mint to mixture  until texture is of your liking. 
Makes a great spread for leftover sandwiches too! 

Cut  duck in half, 
Serve each side with two quarters of sweet potatoes  with  a spoon full of the pineapple onion on top or inbetween. 
Top duck with Drunken Pecan Relish add a sprig of fresh Chocolate mint to the plate.


New Hives and Native Pollinators

One of our honeybees pollinating our Nachotiches Noisette Rose

The geese are curious about the new bees
new bees are already at work
Distant view through the shade
bees under privet blossoms  lots to feed and forage on
Citrus blossoms ready for the bees
Native Pollinator also feeding on the Nachitoches Noisette


Exciting News about the Photos of my Bees and Honey from A Day in the World !

The  Digital Photographs that I submitted and that were accepted as part of the A Day in the World  on May15th  2012 have been placed into a specially designed
Time Capsule and placed  in the Falun Copper Mine 
at the World Heritage Site in Falun Sweden.  
(I could be wrong, but to my knowledge,
I am the only person who photographed beekeeping activities  in Louisiana that day.)   

 To find out more see the links below
The Copper Mine

 The First 100 Photos Selected
 Yes- my hive photo is there representing the bees of Southeast Louisiana!
 Profile page
My photos are listed on the site under "Connections" and "Care" 
sections of the Main page site at 

 Below is a video of  the lowering of the time capsule

All images from “A Day in the World” stored in Falun Copper Mine

Posted on Mar 28th 2013
A time capsule containing the results of the biggest photographic documentation project ever attempted in a single day was sealed inside the Falu Copper Mine on March 22, 2013. The capsule is now being stored in an 18th-century mine tunnel, accessible for visitors to the over 1300-year-old mine, part of the Falun World Heritage Site.
The contents of the time capsule consist of the “A Day in the World” book in English, a computer with all submitted photos as well as photographic prints of a selection of the submitted pictures. All photographs were taken on 15 May 2012 and depict the everyday life of people across the world.
Photo: Erik G Svensson
. The book, prints and a HP Elitebook Laptop with all 100.000 photos from May 15, 2012 are placed inside the inner box. The battery is removed and only the power cord is included.
The capsule has a hexagonal external shell. Inside is a storage box with a sealed section where the objects are placed. The design of the capsule references the timeless lines of Swedish mining machinery. The supportive pillars in the design provide symbolic strength to the housing and protection of the contents. The storage box itself is made from a special alloy, known as the world’s most stainless steel, Outokumpu 654 SMO.
The time capsule was welded shut and a valve emptied the container of oxygen and moisture. Finally, it was filled with argon gas for a reaction-free environment that will preserve its content, explains industrial designer Christian Runius, the design author.
Photo: Erik G Svensson. The inner box was sealed by the welding team in Avesta.

The capsule was transported to Falun Copper Mine and placed deep down in a tunnel, accessible for all visitors to the mine

Do you remember the photos that I took of  the hives and gathered honey as part of the A Day photo Project?  If not here is the link.. to the May 15th images  that I took and submitted

The four hives- Love, Hope, Faith and Grace
Jars of freshly gathered honey to share with family & friends
Honeybees at Faith's entrance
My smoker
Love's Landing board
Honeybees on fresh wax
Honeybees on honey in the making
Freshly gathered Honey on comb 
A spoonful of golden goodness!
The hives at night
and here is the image that was featured on the Washington Post Website
Honeybees at Faith's entrance

I think that my Swedish  and beekeeping ancestors might be smiling.


What Our Bees Are Doing

 Lots to pollinate right now. Camellias still blooming , along with Azaleas, Blackberries, Wild Cherries, Yaupon, Fringe Trees and Blueberries and Wisteria! could there be more?? you bet!  Wild Salvia.. take a look in your yard.. What could the bees bee eating??  Here are a few photos of our bees on Blooms
One of our Bees on our Blackberry Blossoms

One of our Bees on our Citrus Blossom

Bees at their Hive entrance

Bee on  a Cherokee Rose

Our Bees in flight  with one of our Geese in the background


Our Honeybees on our Citrus Trees

Our Honeybees Pollinating The Louisiana Sweet Citrus Tree Blossoms

 The Blooms are just starting to open up.
A little more rain and the Navel  Orange trees should begin as well.

Our Honeybees on Our Azaleas

 Working the Blooms
Gathering Azalea Nectar

New Bees Arriving in April

The Nucs that we ordered from our bee club are scheduled to arrive in April. Meanwhile..It is swam seasons and there are swarms happening all over SELA.. If you see one ..let us know!! contact  our bee club  There is nothing quite so wonderful as catching a live wild or tame swarm to add to your apiary!!!

Honey Bee in Space?

Today I emailed Dr.Tony to find out how I can send one of my honeybees up into space for Earth day..stay tuned
For more info