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A Photograph of a Honeybee

Today I had lunch with my physics instructor, and fellow alumni from high school.
He is also is a pilot, and someone who is interested in time travel.
He brought me a beautifully stunning photograph of a honeybee
about to land on pristine blossoms of a seguaro cactus.
It is spectacular in its imagery and even more so in its thoughfulness.
I gave him some honeycomb that I  had gathered this Spring from Faith's Hive.
We talked about  Art and Fear, and also about how we are owned by our pets.
and also about the spontaneous nature of the best creative works, as he is a writer.
I am grateful for his friendship and insight... I have been staring at the photo all day and night.
I cannot stop thinking about what cactus blossom honey tastes like!

Honeybee Inspired work by Michael Rogers of RIT

Michael Rogers' beautiful work titled 
"Honey Flow" 
from the exhibition 
A Visual Conversation 
curated by Jane Bruce at River House Arts, Perrysburg, Ohio,