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Beeswax Demonstration for My Bee Club

I gave a demonstration to my bee club
 ( ) this month on how
to use beeswax to make lipgloss and handcream.  
It was great and anyone who wanted to could 
make a little bit of their own to take home. 
Many beekeepers just throw it away..(!) 

Future Beekeepers

This past Sunday I had
the pleasure of spending
the day as a volunteer  at the 
Audubon Insectarium for their 
Red, White and Butterfly event. 
I was stationed in the "Bait shop" 
next to a three frame display of
 live honeybees and was there
 to inform the public about Honeybees. 

It was so fantastic to see 
so many people curious  
and interested about honeybees 
and their well being.
 I answered many questions 
and gave a few 
brave young future beekeepers 
their first taste of a beekeeping 
suit and helmet and 
taught them the importance 
of  respecting and 
supporting the bees 
as important pollinators, 
as well as honey producers.
However, I think that they were most  impressed  
with the fact that bees have five eyes and can taste with their feet!