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Isabella Rosselini -Short Film on the Queen Bee

Isabella Rosselli 's Short films on Honeybees

Short Film on the Drone bee..
Viewer warning..  mature material  and audience only -honey bee sexual content and imagery

Our Bees are Washboarding!

basically, Washboarding means that they are licking the hive clean.. that s what their back and forth, up and down movement is.. they are literally licking their landing board and hive exterior clean. This is a hygienic display.

Our Honeybees on Our Passionflower Blossoms

Incoming! Honeybees foraging on our Passiflora Vine Blossom.
Close-up of the Honeybee landing
 Do you think this is an Italian?
 or  a Russian honeybee??

Honeybees vs. Yellow Jackets

This is a Honey Bee.
It  lives in a hive and is a female field Bee.
It  gatheres netcar and pollen form plants
and brings them back to the hive
 to assist in making honey.
It can only sting once and then it will die.

This is a Yellow Jacket.
 It is not a honey bee- it is a predatory WASP 
Vespula squalmosa
It also Stings.. and can sting REPEATEDLY!!!
but does not live in a hive , but in a nest, often on the ground.
They feed on fruits,  flower nectar, tree sap,  
and also other insects such as bees
 or even meats and fish! As such , 
they are the enemies of the honeybee.