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Hive Check and Honey Harvest

Comb laid out on foundation

Grace's new comb -no foundation-
larger and wider than the comb built on foundation.
This was all built  since my last visit to her hive!

Honey already being made on this frame

Capped Honeycomb from Luba's Hive

Rich and golden side view of the comb from Luba's Hive.

Scores from where the crimped wire was removed
from the foundation before boxing the comb.

 All in all I have gathered about 40 lbs of honey on comb
in the last week from two hives.
 I have shared most with friends and family already.
 I know too many honey-bears!

Why I Wear a Beekeeping Suit

These are bee stingers with the venom sacs still attached.
 I am not macho about beekeeping.
I have no need to wear little or no protective clothing while working with bees,
 and I respect that the bees don't always want to be bothered.
 Especially when working a hive that I am unfamiliar with, as with this one.
I picked these bee stingers off of my suit after trying to visit a  hive on a friend's property.
They did not want to be bothered. They let me know quickly.
I learned my limits that night.
I am content to work my own hives.