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University of Würzburg Honeybee Online Studies

HOBOS (HoneyBee Online Studies ) is a Würzburg honeybees project, developed by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Tautz since 2006 as an interactive teaching concept and forwards. Worldwide over the Internet, each with micro-chips equipped bees and follow the inner workings of a beehive, and numerous readings from the environment (weather, vegetation, soil). So many people show for the important aspects of ecology. Several sponsors assist HOBOS. Her Royal Highness Princess Basmabint Ali of Jordan represented as patron HOBOS. The sustainable non-profit project has already received several awards including the UNESCO."

""The acquisition of wax and honey is not the main purpose of beekeeping, [...]. The main purpose is the pollination of flowers and the encouragement of higher yields. The state ought to maintain an army of bees. "Christian Conrad Sprengel (1750-1816) became the founder of modern flower biology. She was the first to understand the function of bees and other insects in the pollination process. Unfortunately, his achievements were not recognized during his lifetime. Until the 19 th century the idea of self-pollination was quiet widespread (Spürgin (1996)).
Until this day, only a minority of people has truly understood the work that honeybees perform every day. Each third bite of food we ingest either directly or indirectly depends on pollination by bees."