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Why Beeswax is Better

Products of the hive have been used for thousands of years 
and it is no surprise to the Bees or the Beekeepers!!

Why is Beeswax  better for handcream and lipgloss?
According to  Lance Armstrong's Livestrong website-
It is because  it makes creams thicker, it offers anti inflammatory, antibacterial  and anti viral benefits.  Beeswax also  acts as an emollient and humectant, drawing moisture to the skin, and sealing it in..  It also contains Vitamin A.   
 Beeswax melts at 145 'F so it is best not to heat it too high , esp so that ou do not use the benefits of the fresh product. The sun is really all that you need.
 It also has  a wonderful fragrance that comes from the bees themselves.
Candles Made with Beeswax are  wonderful and are smokeless in comparison to others and  have a wonderful natural scent fo the hive.
Support the Bees and the Beekeepers- choose beeswax!