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Want to Make Your Own Lip Gloss and Hand Cream?

It is all in the choice of ingredients...

 ( top left clockwise to the right)
Queen's comb old wax- from our  hives,
Fresh lemon colored wax from Blood River Honey Hives,
Aged beeswax from RI Art supplysource,
 Fresh comb harvested form our hives and unused comb starter wax,
 and microcrystallin cosmetic grade beeswax
( also sold at art stores foro encaustic painting.)
There are many many recipes and sources out there.
 I started with a recipe that I found on Lance Armstrong's Live Strong website:
It relies heavily on products of the hive: honey &  beeswax.
Then  the oil of your choice, all melted and whipped.
Here is a recipe for Hand cream:
I have made several  batches and find that equal weights of  beeswax to oil for lip gloss is better
and a measure of 2 parts oils to 1 part beeswax is better for hand creams.
I use 1/2 olive oil and 1/2 mixed oils of either Shea butter, almond oil ,  coconut oil  or even cocoa butter.
Sometimes I aadd honey, and sometimes I don't and  I always add  a tiny bit of vitamin E.
It really is a matter of preference as to how waxy, creamy,  and fragrant you want the cream on your skin.

I also have used less oil and more wax  to make lotion bars, although the packaging is nice, the end product is not something easily put into your purse or backpack. It saves the maker on packaging materials, but the end user is stuck trying to figure out where to put it once it is opened.  It doesn't work well in a purse with techno devices either.., think melted chocolate bar.. and a warm cell phone... eeew!
But they are easy to make and kids love to make them since they are a lot like making cookies.
Mold are easy enough to come by- chocolate and cooking molds work well. esp. silicon.
What is important to remember also is that  I always keep any products that I use for lotion products separate from any cooking materials. Same goes for the mini crock pots to warm the ingredients.
I keep all of those, spoons and sieves, just for that.  They are cleaned and stored out of the kitchen.
Some people are fortunate enough to have an ample supply of beeswax, and of the most lovely yellow color. Queens comb is a bit darker,  but makes a great product and the smell is naturally divine!

If you have fresh herbs, you can set your oils in the sun with the herbs and infuse the oil with them prior to making the hand cream.. instead of using essential oils. Saves money and just takes a little time. Rosemary works very well. There are lots of different waxes available to purchase if you don't have your own.  Same with oils. It is all a matter of personal choice and what you and your skin prefer!

 here are a few more links for you to consider:

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