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Article on Bees, Our Food supply, CCD and Bayer Pesticides

" This is the biggest general threat to our food supply" according to Kevin Hackett, the national program leader for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s bee and pollination program."

Waiting on the Asters-Bone Knit and Fall Pollen..

My girls are very busy in their hives..   it was 60'F at night last night, and old man Winter is a comin' in....  Time  to watch the hives for robbing and watch the hives to make sure that they have enough to make it through to the Spring Nectar flow.We are waiting on the Asters, Bone Knit and Fall Pollen.
The cooler weather is a little earlier this year.. much as our Spring was earlier.
 For South East Louisiana, that doesn't mean snow .. it means cooler night temperatures and breezes from the North and West to rustle the hickory and tallow leaves off the branches.
It means the camellia buds  are preparing to bloom...
It means cooler rains that chill you to the bone.
In the meantime, October comes and brings relief from the heat .
October and March are the most  fantastic months for weather.
It is time for Fall Fairs and Fundraisers and outdoor concerts and Festivals.
Time to turn off the Air conditioning and listen to the world around you without the modern man made Hummm.. and watch nature's Hummers.. the delightful Hummingbirds.. migrate through.

The hummingbird feeders are usually a good indication of  the availability of bee food sources.
If there is no nectar or pollen, then the honeybees hit the hummingbird feeders pretty hard and are accompanied by the Bumble bees and wasps and others. watch this video from last year's dearth and drought.. which produced frenetic dances between the hummingbirds and the bees

  If there are adequate or abundant food sources for the bees??
There are no bees on the feeders at all
 - pure hummingbird heaven.


Waxing Poetic

Fresh Wax Comb in Grace's Hive
 There  are so many uses for Fresh Beeswax, 
besides candles,hand cream and lip gloss and furniture polish. I
 met an artist today  that uses wax for encaustic paintings. 
Oh the busy work of a honeybee!


Directing Sunbeams

"The keeping of bees.....

is like directing the sunbeams."

Henry David Thoreau

Corn Loving Bees

Honeybees in the Cracked Corn  Feed for the Geese
I wonder how they would feel about Grits???

Passionflowers & Love Bugs

Detail -Pollen collector on Passionflower next to Love Bugs

Passionflower Blossom
Right now the main blossoms in the yard are Passionflowers, with a few  clematis, and some occasional roses and gardenias.  The passionflowers and love bugs are everywhere.  Take a look at the pollen on the kneees of  one of our Italian Bees. Delicious!