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Faith's Hive, and the Washington Post

Honeybees at Faith's entrance

The above photo  that I took of Faith's hive made the Washington Post website
as one of  the first 100 images for the global photo project.
I submitted 10 photos of my hives and they chose the photo of Faith's Hive!  

See more at

 I could not have done it without the tremendous support  and education that I have received from being a member of  my Beekeeping Club- SELABEES.ORG They have been extraordinary with sharing their knowledge and being advocates for the honeybees.

 I am so honored to have the image chosen for the first 100 images and I am glad to be able to call attention to the needs of the honeybees on our planet in the project.


A Gardenia Blooms by Grace's Hive

Gifts of the Hive and Yard

Freshly cut comb honey

Comb Honey,
Fresh eggs and a jar of honey with a slice of comb

Honey Making in Progress

 Honey in progress in Sweet Hope's Hive

Dolce Esperanza's Italian Cordovan Hive

Sweet Hope's Hive is buzzing with activity!

Bees At Night on the Entrance and Landing Board

Although most bees are in the hive at night in most areas,
When it gets hot in the summer, you can find  may bees
on the outside of the hive,
either "washboarding" ( cleaning the hive entrance)
 or just cooling themselves off.. 


May 15th Images from the Hives

I have not really looked at the hives since mid April when I added extra frames.
I was pleasantly surprised when I opened them and found some honey in progress and enough to gather a bit too.
I was also participating in a global photography project called and decided to submit these images for the project.
I wish that you could taste the honey. It is delightful.
The four hives- Love, Hope, Faith and Grace
Jars of freshly gathered honey to share with family & friends
Honeybees at Faith's entrance
My smoker
Love's Landing board
Honeybees on fresh wax
Honeybees on honey in the making
Freshly gathered Honey on comb 
A spoonful of golden goodness!
The hives at night

Beeswax Lipgloss, Hand and Foot cream

Today I met with Natalie and Rachel at "About Face Makeup Boutique" in Mandeville and showed them the difference between different types of beeswax and its use in making hand cream and lipgloss, using the recipe from Lance Armstrongs Livestrong Website. They were wonderful women and I can't wait to see what creative ideas come from our meeting.


What is Blooming in Our Garden for the Bees?

It is an early Spring, although still cool with the latest front.
We should  have a bit of rain this weekend.
The Privet blossoms are almost done, and the lygustrum as well.
The Elderberries, Gardenias and Magnolias are blooming now,
along with an abundance of wildflowers, along with some flax.
We will be sowing some buckwheat when the heat of summer sets in.