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Sunday Hive Check Dolce Speranza- Sweet Hope's Hive & Bambino di Fede - Child of Faith

Dolce's HIve is booming!

Faith 's hive is small but active.. lots of honey and pollen
Faith's Landing Board
Pollen stains on Dolce's hive entrance

Bee chat
Lots of brood  in Dolce's Hive
Little Bambinos!
Honey and pollen for the hive.. no surplus yet, not enough bees

Inside the hive

More brood in Dolce's hive

Entrance activity
Guard bees
More activity at the entrance
Field bees leaving the hive


What is Blooming Now?

Blooms by the South gate

Blueberry Blossoms

Wild Cherry Blossoms
 Our North fence line Azaleas in all their glory

West fence line Azaleas

Close up of the pink azaleas

Activity in the Hive- Mid March Hive Check

The Hives are dwarfed by the Pines, Gardenias and Wisteria


It is Spring and the Citrus Trees are Blooming

The smell is intoxicating! Our trees are covered in bees drawn to the blossoms. I can't walk there without being among them. It is wonderful!  It influenced my teaching as this was the portrait demonstration for class this week- using the bees to show how to create a brush.
Spring Citrus Blossoms and Bees


Dolce's Bees on our Louisiana Citrus Blossoms

A golden Cordovan on a Louisiana Sweet Blossom-
clearly one of Dolce's field bees!

More of  Dolce's golden field bees

Wild bee ( German, Russian or Feral?)

Another Wild bee on Citrus

Busy Bees

Pollen Stained Entrance and Landing Board
Guard Bee
Take Off for a Field Bee
Porch Activity