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Bees on the Roof of the Hive and Below the Landing Board

Bees on the Roof in a pause in the activity after smoking the hive
Bees trying to climb up through the bottom board and screen

Swarm on the Hives

Bees Swarming the Top of the Hive

Swarm on the Hive- Robber Bees Trying to Get In

Yep they are in the process of being Swarmed and Robbed.
Bees are everywhere trying to get access to the honey in the hives.
They are even under the hive trying to get in through the screen!
I closed up the hive yesterday before it got really ugly...
I smoked them
They did nothing.
I sprayed them with mint and water.
They just laughed.
I turned on the sprinkler
and they have mostly gone away.
for now...

Robber Bees on Empty Frame

These robber bees were all over this empty frame
within two seconds of me laying it down.