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Very Odd Bee Activity This Morning

Once again the bees are hanging out on the north side and the top of the hive like they did before the Washington/ VA / PA earthquake.
They are also bearding on the front of the hive and a few are flying around it.

I checked the inside and they seem fine on the brood comb..
But there were lots of bees on the bottom board trying to get in through the screening!

They seem to be doing battle with each other, that worries me that it may be an outside group trying to robb Luba's hive.
Anya's is fine.
Which is odd, because they are right next to each other (?)
so I dusted them a bit with powdered sugar & trust that they will survive alright.
I am sure glad that I closed down the entrance on both hives.
I did not have time to take photos-
It is suppose to turn cold this weekend again.
So I will check the hives again tomorrow and see what they are up to
if anything...