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Pollen Laden Foragers at the Hive Entrance

Sipping Nectar

Busy Hive Entrance
Detail of the forager bees coming back into the hive entrance
with huge pollen loads tucked behind their knees.
Back to gather more pollen and nectar

Bees Sharing Nectar

Bees "Fanning"

Smoke and Sugar

Very Active Brood Frames and Pollen Stores in Luba's Hive

Powdered Sugar coated Honey bees on Pollen Stores
The bees knees full of pollen
Brood comb
More Brood Comb
Brood Comb Detail

Huge burr comb full of pollen and young brood

Three Burrs

Burrs removed

Very active brood comb

Pollen Time!