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Happy Solstice!

 Our kitchen garden 
 The days are getting cooler as the sunlight shifts southwards and  the days will become shorter  as winter arrives. We are still hosting many hummingbirds who drain our feeders daily. The kitchen garden, full of tarragon and sage , rosemary and melissa,  has been ravaged by the geese and they have eaten all the thyme! No matter...  The bees are loving the flowers in the large planters and the drips left by the migrating hummers as they pass through. The hives are less active in the morning until the sun warms their hives.

Trying on a Bee Bonnet

What the Bees are Dining on Now in Our Garden

The lovebugs love it, what ever it is...
Not sure what this is yet... any ideas?
new vine in the yard this summer

beautiful wild 
Last of the clematis to bloom
Gardenia Blossom

Small yellow flowers on this new " volunteer"

Josephine Bonaparte's Souvenier de Malmasion

Nacotiches Niosette- floribuna- the  bees favorite

Passionflower vine

more Passionflowers covered in dew

They look like tiny orchids, not sure what they are

Spider Lillies
unknown tiny white booms