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Grace/Anya's Mid Septemeber Hive Check Video

Mid September Hive Check

Honeybee on the top of a frame
Anya's Hive
Lots of Honeybees gathering together to stay warm
Inside view of the hive

Side view of Luba's Brood frame

worker bees clinging to the sides of Luba's brood frame
closeup view
Closeup of Honeybees
"Pollen Pals" in Luba's Bee bread storage area of the hive
more Pollen storage
Beautiful Fall Pollen Colors in Luba's Hive!
Comb full of Bee bread made of Pollen
Honey in progress in Luba's Hive
Bunch of Bees
Luba's Brood comb
Closer view of Luba's Brood