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Short Video of Anya's September Hive Check

Anya's Hive Check© 2011 Carrie Lee Schwartz & Vogthorstar from Vog Thorstar on Vimeo.

What is Blooming Now for the Bees to Eat

Very Fragrant Michelia figo- Banana Magnolias

Autumn Clematis is blooming everywhere!

Roses such as this Nachotiches Noisette Floribunda
 and of course passionflowers and lantana!

Early September Hive Check- Post Hurricane Lee

Anya clustering in the center
Anya's open hive
Honey in Luba's Hive

honey in Luba's hive

Luba's brood

Luba's brood

Luba's Brood Comb

Detail Luba's Brood Comb

Is that Luba?

Bee Keepers Beware! Florida Bee Rustlers!!!

25 hives stolen...
also more thefts in Lee County Florida
 Beekeepers have installed tracking systems in their hives
to prevent theft and track thieves