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The Hives Are Quiet In The Storm

Very Little Activity During Hurricane Lee

We Participated in Our First Honey Tasting and Moisture Testing

Everyone carefully spooned honey brought to share onto tasting spoons to taste it.
The flavors were all rich and varied with many variations in flavors and consistencies.
One person even brought creamed honey, which was a wonderful treat! 
The Spectrometer for measuring moisture content of the honey.
 One drop of honey is placed on the blue area on the left, and then you see the reading through the black eyepiece.
Ours measured about 18.6%, which is pretty good,
considering 1/10th of one side was not capped when I gathered it in that frame.

There were so many different jars and labels!
The Buckwheat Honey from Blood River Honey in the foreground was
the darkest and richest  of the flavors by far, and my personal favorite.
You can just barely see our blue label on our jar on the back of the table.

Red Bees in Brooklyn

What happens when forager bees find a maraschino cherry plant...