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Sweet Inspiration

These are very small studies in oil on canvas
that I started  to paint after working with the hives.
I am amazed at the many colors
of pollen and honey in the hive
and my attempt to capture it  is a pity compared
to nature's marvelous artistry and industry!

Bees Hanging Out on the North Side of Things

For the last few days the bees have been doing something very curious.
They have been hanging out on the North side of the hives
and also on the North side of this ceramic piece in the front yard.
There is no queen with them, and it is not shaded in any way either..
They are also hanging out on the north side of the hive entrances..
 I love their golden colors against the blue.
Anybody know why?

 They did this for about 3 to 4 days  before and after the East Coast Earthquake, and then stopped.

One Bee on the Hummingbird Feeder

Flowers Blooming Now in Our Garden

Nacotiches Noisette 

Not sure what this is!(?)

Scentimental Rose
Sweet Autumn Clematis 
(Clematis paniculata,  or Clematis terniflora)
purple clematis