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Discovery Channel Video on Honey Production

Caring for Bees During a Drought

My homemade Bee Waterer
made from ceramic jar bottoms and pebbles
I placed it under the porch roof to catch rainwater and dew
and I refresh it everyday to keep out mosquitos if you look carefully,
you can see bees drinking on the bottom center and  right.
We all think about the birds not having enough water on dry days and months in the summer... 
But Bees really need water not only to drink, but to also keep the hive cool.  
They can use up to a quart a day when it get hot.
So when putting out water for bees, it is important to remember a few things.
First things first; 
Bees cannot swim, and need something to climb out onto to get a drink. 
This can be a stick, a brick  or statue immersed in the birth bath, or rocks and pebbles.
 I put pebbles and small rocks in large pot bottoms and the bees love it. 
Bees also love to forage for water so a little extra watering of the lawn near their hive helps.
Spray the grass, or water the lawn regularly with a good gentle oscillator.
Walter Kelly suggests floating sponges in bird baths.
Also one more tip from Walter Kelly-
Bees evidently love watermelon just as much as we do. If you have an old one, or rinds, place them near the hives for them to feed on. 
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