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Taking Advantage of the Summer Sun to Melt and Refine Wax

A few videos from various sources on how to melt and filter beeswax

My Dear Friend Eliot Came by for a Visit

Proud to be a Louisiana Beekeeper!

There are currently only about 380 Beekeepers  in Louisiana.
I am a hobbyist Louisiana Beekeeper.
If you are interested in adding to that number...
Join a local beekeeping organization!
Find out about what it takes before you buy the bees and equipment.

Louisiana Beekeeping Association

Local Beekeeping Associations

Even if you can't or don't wish to be a beekeeper, you can
Support Louisiana bees by keeping fresh water in your garden,
 Planting fresh flowers, fruits, vegetables  and berries for them to pollinate,
and limiting your use of pesticides.

 Please support Louisiana Beekeepers 
by buying local Louisiana Honey!

Nurse Bees

A newly hatched baby bee tending the Brood

A newly hatched baby bee has lots of golden "hairs" or " fur" on its face . They start working to feed the Queen and tend the  newly laid eggs and larvae that will become fellow worker bees in the hive.( Four stages of a honey bee's life are egg, larva, ( shown above that look like lttle worms) Pupa,  and Bee.  The newly hatched Nurse Bees  feed the larva royal jelly and they feed the older larve  "Bee Bread" which is a fermented pollen mixture that they make,  and honey of course!