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Bee Humor

What did the bees say to the flowers? 
Well,  Hello Honey!"

What did the confused bee say?
"To bee or not to bee?"
What did the bee order for lunch at the diner?
A humm-burger!
Who is the bees favorite singer?  Sting!

Why do bees have sticky hair?

Because of the honey combs

Why did the queen bee kick out all of the other bees?
Because they kept droning on and on.....

What did the hot bee say to the other hot bee this Summer? 
"S'warm here,  isn't it?"
Who is the bee's favorite Dancer and Choreographer?
BUZZ-BEE Berkeley!

    Bees Have Five Eyes!

    Bees all have 5 eyes;
    Two on each side of their face for day vision and 
    Three small eyes on the top of their heads for seeing in the dim light of the hive.
    A Bee Meeting on the landing board.

    Bees Taste with Their Feet!

    Bees have taste receptors on all of their feet!

    This is one of Luba's Bees dusted with confectioner's sugar.
    Notice the shapes on the end of her feet.

    Hot August Hive Check

    It has been extremely dry and hot- 100F in the shade on the North porch! Whew!
    So I didn't now what to expect..
    They have definitely been gathering the buckwheat pollen, as their honey is darker and buttery and delicious, although there is not as much of it as before,maybe at most two frames as the nectar is not flowing so much in this dreadful heat. I have been putting out extra water  in containers equipped with "bee- ladders" so they won't drown. This hive check, there was still a whole lot of freshly laid brood in each hive, and I dusted them both with a confectioners's sugar bath.
    We also had a friend come visit and video the hive so I can't wait to see what he puts together to help people understand that we must pay attention and care for the bees.

    Luba's hive is still larger and more productive than Anya's Hive.
    Luba lays more eggs, while Anya makes more honey.

    Any's brood comb

    Nice clear board checks!

    Workers pulling comb

    Honey on the comb

    Activity inside the hive

    Luba's Brood Comb

    A little extra brood on the bottom of the frame

    Detail of luba's Brood comb with Bee bread( pollen) on the left.

    Luba's Brood comb

    Luba's freshly laid brood larvae

    Beautifully shaped curve at the bottom of Luba's brood comb
    Luba's workers tending the Beebread ( pollen ) stores
    Luba's landing board

    Side view of  Luba's Hive and the smoker

    A Few Important Beekeepers from History

    Benjamin Franklin
    Leo Tolstoy
    Karl von Frisch - Bee dance documentarian who won the Nobel Prizefor his bee research.
    Nichel Jacob discovered that workers raise a new queen from larvae.
    Martin John discovered that bees make wax in 1684
    A.I. Root
    John Dzierzon
    Moses Quinby - This beekeeper invented the modern bee smoker in 1875- He wrote Mysteries of Bee-Keeping Explained, 1853

    L.L. Langstroth - This minister  designed the beehive commonly used in Medina, Ohio in 1851.
    He wrote- The Hive and the Honey Bee,  1853 
    Abbe Collin, a French Beekeeper, invented the queen excluder  in 1865.
    Gregor Mendel- geneticist beekeeper
    Johannes Mehring -a German beekeeperan inventor of the wax comb foundation, 1857
    Anton Janscha, the Solvenian Royal Beekeeper, who discovered how bees mate.
    Francois Huber-blind naturalist who discovered "bee space"
    harlan J. Smith, Ph. D. astronomer and Beekeeper
    Dobbs- a beekeeper and botanist who documented bees as pollinators.
    Charles Mraz-a beekeeper and apitherapist for over 60 years.
    Charles Henry Turner, Ph.D. , research and writings on bee color vision, shape and pattern recognition, and feeding times,  1890+.
    E C Porter - An American invented the Porter Bee Escape, in 1891.
    Karl Kehrle or Benedictine Monk known as Brother Adam who developed the Buckfast bee. 
    Charles Butler, who discovered that the supposed "King Bee" was actually a female  and that Drones were males in1609. He wrote Feminine Monarchie.
     Thomas Wildman wrote Treatise on the Management of Bees, 1768
    Berbard de Mandeville wrote the Fable of the Bees,  1723
     Dr. Eva Crane wrote Archeology of Beekeeping &  Honey 
    Peter Prokopovich
    St. Ambrose
    Napoleon Bonaparte
    Le Quy Quynh
    Luis Mendez de Torres
    Henry Fonda
    Peter Fonda
    Matt Damon
    Scarlett Johansson
    Brigham Young
    Viktor Yushchenko
    Sir Edmund Hillary
    Pope Urban III
    George Washington
    Prince Cesi  of Italy
    Martha Stewart 
    Maria von Trapp 
    Maurice Maeterlinck
    Raymond Poincare