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The Amazing Louisiana Honeybee

There are usually between- 20,000 an 60,000 bees in a hive,  depending on many factors, such as age, time of year, etc.
 There is usually only 1 queen, and about 200 drones,
 and the rest are worker bees.
Worker bees live only about 6-8 months.
In that short time, they do a multitude of tasks and are in constant motion.
Take care of the queen
Take care of the young bees,
Honey bees, produce and build the wax combs that form the brood hive and honeycomb,
They gather the pollens and nectars for the hive and
Make the Honey, and Bee bread.
Field Bees can travel up to 3-5 miles  (600 acres)  to find nectar for the hive.
To produce just 1 pound of honey, the bees must visit about 2 million flowers!
They also come back to the hive and dance so that the other bees know where  to find food.
Guard Bees  defend the hive.

Don't forget that...
The humble, hardworking honeybee is also the Louisiana State Insect!