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Bees and our Food Supply

"A bee colony—surely nature’s most wonderful way of organizing matter and energy in space and time."
-Jurgen Tautz

"Sometime in 2006, the sudden, mysterious disappearance of honey bees in the United States, Europe and Brazil was a reminder of the quote attributed to the scientist, and a wake-up call for mankind. Beekeepers lost a bulk of their hives and suffered significant losses in honey production, and up till now are still stumbling over the understanding of this so-called “colony collapse disorder” syndrome and its cause. No one could explain why the bees became disoriented and failed to return to their hives!

We are told that the honey bee is totally responsible for the pollination of over 90 fruit and vegetable crops worldwide, so it would be devastating if we were to lose a majority or all of our honey bee pollinators for these crops which are not self-pollinating and rely on the insects and other pollinators such as birds to help them reproduce. The bee is a fragile part of our system and an important indicator of our out of balance world. Their weird disappearing act has far-reaching implications for our agricultural food supply and is definitely not an issue to be ignored."