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Whimsical Bee Hives and the Prokopovych Beekeeping Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine

These marvelous Photos are from John's Beekeeping Notebook- and his trip to the Museum.
I have links next to each photo and there are so many more!!! Check out his blog at:
Carved Log hive!
The Bees enter and exit through his mouth.. the sign translates as something like.." Bees know no boundaries"
Ceramic Bee Waterer!!!
Bear Beehives
Carved hives- the mouths are the entrances
Many thanks to John for sharing these wonderful images!

Understanding Bees though Scouting- BSA and GSA Beekeeping Merit Badges

A long time ago, I was a Scout;  A  Junior Girl Scout and Cadet;  and yes, kids made fun of me, stole my hat, ridiculed my involvement as nerdy and uncool, but they are the ones who missed out. I loved scouting, camping and learning about nature and the stars,  self sufficiency, knots, weaving, and all kinds of things through my involvement with the Girl Scouts. I am very glad to see that scouting supports learning about bees and beekeeping. Although it is unfortunate that the BSA merit badge for beekeeping has been discontinued,  the learning is part of other badge requirements:

discontinued BSA merit badge for beekeeping
As reported on ROBO's world blog "...Christopher Stowell, a Boy Scout and 14 year old beekeeper from Oklahoma, recently led a campaign to reinstate the Beekeeping Merit Badge.
BSA recently announced its response to Christopher’s request, and the news is mostly good. While BSA is not agreeing to reinstate the Beekeeping Merit Badge, it is agreeing to incorporate beekeeping activities into several different existing merit badges......" 

Honey bee Junior Girl Scout Badge

The Girls Scouts  and Leaders of GSMB of Troop 370  of Michigan created a great pdf on the subject for a Junior Girl Scout badge requirement