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How Precious is Honey?

Did you know that the Honeybee is the State Insect of Louisiana?
"A hive of honeybees must tap 200,000 flowers and travel over 55,000 miles to gather enough nectar to produce just one pound of honey.  In fact, a worker honeybee will make only 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime, making honey a truly precious natural commodity."
from the Louisiana Beekeepers Association Webpage

Hives Progress July 10th

This afternoon, I worked the hives and gathered two frames of comb honey. It was enough honey to fill five  6 oz and five  8 oz  jars. It seems much darker and richer than the magnolia/ gardenia honey that I gathered earlier this spring- I think due to the buckwheat blossoms that I planted for the bees. As usual- Luba's progress far exceeds Anya's in terms of Hive production in both Honey and in Brood, although Anya has started to catch up.  I move the large older frames of Queend comb to the outside of Luba's hive and hope that she will start latying in the middle again so that I canremove the older comb. That worked very efficiently with the other older combs.  I took the top Super off of Anya's Hive since  she hasn't used it at all.  I also gave them both Count of Minty Crisco cakes and Powdered Sugar Baths. I will post photos shortly.