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First Jars of Luba's Honey with Comb

Luba's Honey Comb

Luba's Comb Laden with Honey

Closer View of Luba's Honey Comb

Comb Frame showing comb structure
Fresh comb is very soft
Propolis on top of Luba's frame- different in color, texture, taste and use than wax comb
5 1/2 Jars of Luba's Honey with comb  from just one shallow frame.

Life Outside the Hives

The Bees are always working.
The Bees move all their trash into a pile outside the Hive
The Bee Landing Board is a very busy place.
Luba's Bees on the Landing Board

See the Pollen on the back of the Bees Knees?
100'F Today! -Luba's Bees gather outside in the cool dusk air
The smoke sends them back in to defend their Hive.
View from the Hive of the Hobbyist Beekeeper.

Anya's Progress

Anya's Hive

Sugar Dusted Bee

Luba's Hive-View of Brood Comb

A Whole Lotta Bees on Brood Comb

Anya's Queen Cell is Empty!
Evidence of  Live Queen- New Baby Bee Larvae

Luba's Progress

Working the new comb
Beautifully Capped Honey Comb

Capping the Honey Comb

Making the Honey


View Inside Luba's Hive

Another view of Luba's Hive

Queen Luba's Brood Comb and Bees

Smokey Honey Comb

Hard Workers