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Flowers for Foraging

 The privet blooms are gone and the Tallow trees have not quite started blooming. Flowers blooming now still include Mimosa trees, Magnolia trees, Elderberry bloossoms, Rudebekia ( Black-eyed Susans), Buttercups, Clover, Verbena, Hydrangeas, and more.  These blooms in our yard are helping to feed our bees.

Passion Flower or "May Pop!"
"Double Delight"- Fragrant Hybrid Tea Rose

"Luba" or Love's Progress After One Month in the Apiary

Smoking the hive.

Luba's hive is much more active and protective.

They are using more of the new comb.

Very little activity in the top third Super.

New comb with workers working it!

Old Queen's comb with extensions on the bottom.

New comb with some honey and lots of workers.

Honey in new comb!

Lots more workers in Luba's hive.

More honey comb.

You can really see the honey on this side of the comb.

Luba's hive is very active!

More new comb filled with  honey.





New Brood Comb!

Back in the Super.


Lots of new Brood- Proof there is a Queen Luba!

Old Queen's Comb

Chock full of bees.

Extensions on the old Queen's comb.

Old Queen's comb full of Brood.

Lovely Pollen patterns and colors. 

Brood and Bee Bread being tended by worker bees.

Old Queen's comb from the package.

Workers all over -working the new comb!


Look how lively Luba's Hive is!

A little more smoke left to finish the work.

"Anya" or Grace's Progress After One Month in the Apiary

The all important smoker.

View of inside of Anya's Hive  'Super".

Worker bees on newly constructed and filled  honeycomb.

Beautiful and colorful 'Bee Bread"!
Workers on old comb filled with honey.

New comb full of workers.

Honey and brood in new comb.

Workers just starting to work this comb.z

back side  view

back into the super!

Pattern of brood in the center- honey on the outside.

Old Queen's comb with brood and capped honey reserve.

Old Queen's comb with lovely Bee Bread Pattern.

Close up view.

Old Queen's comb back side view

Broody worker bees.

Inside the Super.

Honey Comb and Honey bees.

Close up of old Brood comb and bees.

Beautiful Pollen Patterns in old Queen's comb.