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Bee Bread

Luba's  worker bees tending their Bee Bread in the brood comb.
Look how brightly colored the pollen is.

Bee bread is pollen that is brought by the bees ot the hive on the back of their hind knees  and then mixed with various enzymes and honey by the worker bees and stored  in the honey comb where it starts to ferment which helps to keep it stored as a food source for the bees.
 Find out about Pollen and how to ferment your own pollen in this amazing publication
Value Added Products from Beekeeping by R. Krell- from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Rome 1996:
and yes- there are even RECIPES!

Anya's Worker bees tending Bee bread in the brood comb.
Look at all of the different colors of the collected pollen.

Random notes on the Queen Bee and her Hive.

The temperament of the Queen sets the tone for the hive.  A hive usually consists of about 20,000 bees. All the bees in the hive come from one Queen-but they all can have different fathers ( Drones).

Luba's Honey Comb  and her Worker honey bees- Honey is the carbohydrate source for the hive.
Not all bees come home at night. Many bees travel long distances to forage, or get distracted in their quest for pollen and nectar. Some may spend the night out under a leaf or on a blossom, and come back the next day, so just because it is night, that doesn't mean that all the bees have come back to the hive.

There is usually only 1 Queen per hive ( rarely two)
The Queen lays eggs for the hive; over 1200 eggs a day !
When the Queen is ready to mate in the Spring- there can be about 200 DRONES.
They fly to DCF's  Drone communication fields during the day and hang out with other drones-
The drone's job is to mate with the Queen. They have no stingers- so it is true- not all bees sting.

Luba's Brood comb with bright yellow pollen stored as a protein and vitamin source for the hive. 
There are about 20000 WORKER BEES bees of various kinds-
They are the ones who do it all!
Worker bees live only  about 6 weeks.
They have many duties in three major areas,  there are guard bees, honey bees and field workers.
The worker bees take care of the queen, construct the honeycomb ( Bees need to find about  8 pounds of honey to make one pound of wax comb for their hive!) , gather the nectar, pollen,  and propolis( made of tree resin)  make the honey and cap the cells, take care of the young( Bees develop in 16-24 days depending on the kind of bee they are to become) , clean the bee hive,  and decide which larvae will develop into the new queens. They truly are the BUSY BEES!