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Fresh Water is Essential for the Bees

This float allows bees to drink without getting dunked!

Our Deer and Goose trough doubles as a bee feeder when the float is added.

Baby chick feeders also make good bee feeders

What Blossoms are the Bees Feeding on Now?

We know that Our bees are foraging everywhere that they can.  Right now we still have blooms on the Mimosa trees, Magnolia trees,  Irises, Passionflower vines, Clematis vines, Purple Verbena,  Pansies,  Sweet clover, Calla lillies, Rudebekia (Black eyed-Susans), Buttercups and Lantana. Here are a few photos of a few of the other plants blooming now in our garden:
Nachotiches Noisette Floribunda Roses


Bachelor Buttons

Elderberries are just starting to bloom


"Eutin" also called "Hoosier Glory"a  Floribunda Rose Bred by Kordes circa 1940 

Gardenias ( see the bee inside the left blossom?)

Nandina Blossoms

Fire Red  and Pink  Rose Salvia 

"Anya" or Grace's Progress on Mother's Day

"Luba" or Love's Progress on Mother's Day