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Two Weeks

Our Bees have been here for just two weeks.
We have cooked for them, fed them and
even added new Supers to their hives.
The Queens and their hives both have a very different "feel" or personality.
Luba's ( Love's ) hive is extremely active and full of bee activity.
Anya's ( Grace's) hive is calmer and appears more productive in terms of honey- or at least it seems so for now- but they have only been here for a short time and we look forward to seeing what happens in their hives as the year progresses.
We are curious to see what their honey will taste like and wonder if each hive will have a different flavor.

The Gateway to the Hive

The landing board and the hive entrance is one of the most interesting places to watch bee activity. It is very active most of the time- and if it is not when you first arrive-
just wait a few moments...

Adding the New Supers and Queen Excluders

Now the hives have three tiers-
Below see how we added the Queen excluder to the existing brood Supers
and then added the top Super just for Honey collection- we hope!

"Anya" or Grace's Progress at the end of April

Alhtough her hive seemed less productive in terms of the amount of bees, it definitely has more clearly visible honey production on the new combs. Take a look below.

"Luba" or Love's Progress the end of April

It has been very cool at night the last few days and very dry. The hives were both in need of having their feeders refilled. The bees seemed calmer than usual. I was delighted too see that they were working on more of the new comb. Take a look!

New Smoker Pail

I bought a new pail with a lid to keep my smoker in. It helps when carrying things down to the hive and I don't worry about spilling my smoker. It is also a great place to safely store the smoker when it is not being used.

Two New Supers arrived

With Queen Excluders.
We painted them white.