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"Luba" or Love's Progress

"Anya" or Grace's Progress

Feeding and Working the Hives

We replenished the sugar syrup and placed the Count of "Minty-Crisco" anti-mite bee cakes in the hive- and checked them for progress. They have been here since April 16th and have been digesting a little feeder of syrup every two-three days. So we were anxious to see what they've been up to inside the hives.
We took our hive tool, the Smoker, and the Beebrush, and suited up to go work the hive.

Cooking Count of "Minty-Crisco" Bee Cakes

As per recommended protocol- we have been feeding our new bees with a sugar water mixture unti they are finding enough food on their own.
We also made them some Count of "Minty-Crisco" anti-mite cakes!
To make them we mixed crisco, sugar, honey and a little mint flavoring.. Kinda like junior mints without the chocolate! These are supposed to help keep them free(er) of mites....
Once the mixture is mixed and cooled- we packed them in hamburger sized patties in wax paper bags and put them in freezer for future use. It took very little time and space in our freezer.
When it comes time to place them in the hives- we put them on the top of the frames.
See below...

Beekeeping Resources

We have learned so much in preparation for our Queens and their colonies.
Louisiana ( and also Mississipi)
is filled with very knowledgeable and generous bee keepers.
Here are just a few sites that we have found helpful:

Louisiana Beekeeping Association

Tangi-Tammany Beekeppers Association

Walter T. Kelly

Better Bee

Dadant and Sons

Brushy Mountain

Welcome to our "Bee" blog- " Love Blessed Light"

Our two queen bees and their colonies arrived to our local beekeeping club in April of this year from a Bee Farm in Mississippi.
We have decided to name our Queens.
We want people to know that that the two little lady bees that made it all possible have an identity and are not anonymous bees.
So-since they are " Russian" Bees -the names we decided on are:

"Anya Pavla Vadeslava" Graceful Humble Little Ruler

"Luba Nonna Sventlana" Love Blessed Light

We call them Anya and Luba or Love and Grace, for short.

That is why Love Blessed Light is also the name of our Bee Blog.

Hopefully, we will help keep them happy and healthy
and they will in turn pollinate our garden and fruit trees
and maybe even produce some honey for us to share.