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Swarm Catch in Brooklyn

He's a member of the Brooklyn Beekeeper's Club brooklynbeekeepersclub@yahoo.­com


Whimsical Bee Hives and the Prokopovych Beekeeping Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine

These marvelous Photos are from John's Beekeeping Notebook- and his trip to the Museum.
I have links next to each photo and there are so many more!!! Check out his blog at:
Carved Log hive!
The Bees enter and exit through his mouth.. the sign translates as something like.." Bees know no boundaries"
Ceramic Bee Waterer!!!
Bear Beehives
Carved hives- the mouths are the entrances
Many thanks to John for sharing these wonderful images!

Understanding Bees though Scouting- BSA and GSA Beekeeping Merit Badges

A long time ago, I was a Scout;  A  Junior Girl Scout and Cadet;  and yes, kids made fun of me, stole my hat, ridiculed my involvement as nerdy and uncool, but they are the ones who missed out. I loved scouting, camping and learning about nature and the stars,  self sufficiency, knots, weaving, and all kinds of things through my involvement with the Girl Scouts. I am very glad to see that scouting supports learning about bees and beekeeping. Although it is unfortunate that the BSA merit badge for beekeeping has been discontinued,  the learning is part of other badge requirements:

discontinued BSA merit badge for beekeeping
As reported on ROBO's world blog "...Christopher Stowell, a Boy Scout and 14 year old beekeeper from Oklahoma, recently led a campaign to reinstate the Beekeeping Merit Badge.
BSA recently announced its response to Christopher’s request, and the news is mostly good. While BSA is not agreeing to reinstate the Beekeeping Merit Badge, it is agreeing to incorporate beekeeping activities into several different existing merit badges......" 

Honey bee Junior Girl Scout Badge

The Girls Scouts  and Leaders of GSMB of Troop 370  of Michigan created a great pdf on the subject for a Junior Girl Scout badge requirement



As I posted earlier on this summer,
Bees make much more than honey; bee  pollen, royal jelly, propolis, beeswax and bee venom !
Lately I have been learning about the many uses of these wonderful products made by bees  and their uses in preparations such as handcreams, lipglosses, toothpastes, soaps, candles and
Simply put-"Apitherapy" is the medical use of products made by honeybees.
John had an Uncle named Sam,
( Yes, he actually had an Uncle Sam)
who lived in Evansville, Indiana, who kept bees.
John's Uncle Sam used to put his hands in the hives
and let his bees sting his hands to relieve the arthritis in his hands. 
Learn more from the American Apitherapy Society


Help Count the Bees as part of The Great Bee-a-Thon

"Bee-a-thon 2011 is a free, online "town hall" event broadcast live to a worldwide audience on July 16th to shed light on the plight of our bees. Tune in for 12 minutes... or 12 hours! Learn how pollinators are responsible for one in every three bites of food, contribute billions of dollars to global economies and face challenges from colony collapse disorder and other threats.

Tune in as top bee experts, beekeepers and key environmental players reveal the latest buzz on what's happening to our bees and what you can do this summer to make a difference. It's easy to join the conversation and get inspired to take action.

The Bee-a-thon kicks off the Great Bee Count, a Citizen Science campaign hosted on in partnership with the Great Sunflower Project. We're counting bees across North America and helping shape bee conservation efforts."

Click the link below to register and  find out more

 and also  to find out more about the Sunflower Project

Bees in the Heavens- The Beehive Star Cluster

From 2MASS Atlas Image Gallery: The Messier Catalog- image in the Public Domain

The Beehive Cluster ( M44) 
also called  Praesepe which in Latin tranlates as "crib" or "manger",  
is found in the constellation of Cancer. 
  It is a "Galactic" or open cluster of at least 200 bright stars 
  and is 400 million years old; much older than the Pleiades.
It is also about 600 light years away from planet Earth.  

The Mayan Bee God of Tulum on the Yucatan - Quintana Roo

In the late 1970's I had the privilege of visiting the Yucatan Peninsula as part of our High School Senior Class Trip. We studied Mayan Architecture in preparation.  Again in the mid 80's I visited the Yucatan- including Tulum, right on the coast, Where the Diving or Descending God is important.  It is thought to represent the  bee god Ah Muzencab. I will try and find my photos and post them if I can locate them. The Mayan's raise stingless meliponine bees;

" Melipona beecheii. Its traditional name, xunan kab (or kolil kab in the Mayan language), means "royal lady." which they believed were links to the spiritual world. Women in the Yucatan still raise these bees, but their numbers are dwindling due to loss of habitat and  in part to the introduction of Africanized honeybees.

Read more at National Geographic's page


Parton Saints of Beekeepers and a nice Beekeeping Quote

There are certain pursuits which, if not wholly poetic and true, do at least suggest a nobler and finer relation to nature than we know. The keeping of bees, for instance. --- Henry David Thoreau

 Many people ask me who the patron Saints of Bee keepers are.. well this is who I found. 

My next post will be on world beekeeping deities, like Mayan Bee deities at Tulum etc.. 

Saint Ambrose of Milan
339 AD - 397 AD
Patron Saint of bee keepers; bees; candle makers; domestic animals; learning; Milan, Italy; students; wax refiners

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux
1090 at Fontaines-les-Dijon, Burgundy, France-20 August 1153 at Clairvaux Abbey, Ville-sous-la-Ferté, Aube, France
 Every morning Bernard would ask himself, “Why have I come here?”, and then remind himself of his main duty – to lead a holy life.
 Patron Saint of Beekeepers, Bees, Burgundy, France, Candelemakers, Chandlers, Cistern order, Gibralter, Wax melters and refiners

Saint Modomnoc( Dominic)
 Member of the Irish royal O’Neill clan. Monk. Spiritual student of Saint David of Wales. Beekeeper while a novice. When he returned to Ireland, a swarm of his bees followed his ship. Hermit at Tibraghny, Kilkenny, Ireland.

Born-6th century Ireland- Died-550 of natural causes
Patron Saint of Bees


Luba and Anya's Progress-Hives in Mid July

Smokin' Anya's Hive

Anya's Sisters

Anya's Brood Cells

More Anya's Brood Cells and Honey

Anya's Capped Honey

More Honeybees at Work

Luba's Capped Honey

Close Up of Luba's Girls on Capped Honey

Bee " Bearding" on Luba's Hive


How Precious is Honey?

Did you know that the Honeybee is the State Insect of Louisiana?
"A hive of honeybees must tap 200,000 flowers and travel over 55,000 miles to gather enough nectar to produce just one pound of honey.  In fact, a worker honeybee will make only 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime, making honey a truly precious natural commodity."
from the Louisiana Beekeepers Association Webpage

Hives Progress July 10th

This afternoon, I worked the hives and gathered two frames of comb honey. It was enough honey to fill five  6 oz and five  8 oz  jars. It seems much darker and richer than the magnolia/ gardenia honey that I gathered earlier this spring- I think due to the buckwheat blossoms that I planted for the bees. As usual- Luba's progress far exceeds Anya's in terms of Hive production in both Honey and in Brood, although Anya has started to catch up.  I move the large older frames of Queend comb to the outside of Luba's hive and hope that she will start latying in the middle again so that I canremove the older comb. That worked very efficiently with the other older combs.  I took the top Super off of Anya's Hive since  she hasn't used it at all.  I also gave them both Count of Minty Crisco cakes and Powdered Sugar Baths. I will post photos shortly.