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Honey for a Wedding Day

Honey from Love and Patience's Hives
Recently a dear friend got married. 

 I went out early in the morning on the day of their wedding and gathered some honey as a gift for her Wedding and "Honeymoon". I took a frame from both "Love"s hive and from "Patience"'s hive.
 I know that some people think I am daft for naming my hives instead of numbering them, but I think its important to give the queens a name.  I enjoy the poetry of it.  "Faith"'s hive always takes more work than the others. "Love" is always a very active hive. When my Veterinarian came over to open my hives with me, I cautioned her that "Love"'s hive was not as gentle as "Grace"'s hive, which we had just opened.  She quickly replied- "Love needs to be fierce"..  and so a bit of honey from "Love", and from "Patience, I thought, was a nice way to start a marriage. 
waiting for the bride

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