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More from the 15th Annual Field Day at the USDA Baton Rouge Honey Bee Lab

Honeybees in flight

Delicious Honey Drops on Bee gloves

The  Smoker- a beekeepers essential tool
bees buzzing a beekeeper's glove
Louisiana Honeybees

Wonderfully designed Hive stands

Bee hives in place
Bees in the field on stands
More bees in the field
a group learning about bees 
another view  of a bee field 
bees on the wax
Marked Queen Bee on brood comb
Working the hives
Side view of the frame
Newly re-marked Queen- She is so  tiny!!!
Front view of the hive
Honeycomb on plastic frames

Brood comb
Lecture on Essentials

How to light a smoker

Hive beetle basics

Amazing and incredibly informative lecture by D.  Pollet
on plants for bees in Louisiana and their distribution statewide.
I bought his book.  If you keep bees in Louisiana, you should buy it too!

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