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Hives Progress July 10th

This afternoon, I worked the hives and gathered two frames of comb honey. It was enough honey to fill five  6 oz and five  8 oz  jars. It seems much darker and richer than the magnolia/ gardenia honey that I gathered earlier this spring- I think due to the buckwheat blossoms that I planted for the bees. As usual- Luba's progress far exceeds Anya's in terms of Hive production in both Honey and in Brood, although Anya has started to catch up.  I move the large older frames of Queend comb to the outside of Luba's hive and hope that she will start latying in the middle again so that I canremove the older comb. That worked very efficiently with the other older combs.  I took the top Super off of Anya's Hive since  she hasn't used it at all.  I also gave them both Count of Minty Crisco cakes and Powdered Sugar Baths. I will post photos shortly.

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