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A Honey of a Birthday

On Sunday when I worked the hive I had an unexpected young visitor who was celebrating his 7th Birthday. He wanted to see the bees and taste honey, which , he claimed that he had never tasted before(!). So, I put on my suit and explained the equipment and the bees and the process and went out and worked the hives. I brought some more " Count of Minty Crisco Cakes " to offer the bees and also took a serving spoon to see if I could steal a few spoonfuls for our Birthday guest.

While the Birthday boy and his wonderful Aunt watched safely from inside the house through the windows, I walked down the hill to work the hives. The bees were calm and the spoon went into the comb like warm butter. While I felt awful sampling their honey, the bees did not seem to care one bit! Our guest was delighted and he even tried on a bee bonnet. Hopefully he and his Aunt will come back and help us work the hives one day, and at the very least, they understand more about bees than they did before his visit.

I gave him the Bee coloring book that is put our by Brushy Mountain Bee Farm so that he could think a little bit more about the bees after he left while he enjoyed his fresh honey Birthday treat.

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